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    Working Out With Kettlebell Weights

    My Favorite Kettlebell Weight Of All Time

    I’ve long been searching for the greatest equipment to feature on my blog and in my calisthenic fitness routines. And I don’t personally enjoy using equipment at all so I only talk and share the stuff I know is worth having. Why I don’t use weights: I did for a few years and I feel […]

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    my weight equipment

    The Most Amazing Grip Strengtheners Money Can Buy

    When I first started calisthenics (bodyweight training) and I hit that pull up bar the biggest problem I had wasn’t not having the strength, the biggest problem I had was that my grip would give out after 5 reps and then become decreasingly bad as the training session would go on. And this wasn’t just […]

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    The Military Calisthenic Workout

    The Military Calisthenic Workout

    Welcome ladies and gents I’ve got an absolute shocker for you today and it’s all about training like a soldier and getting them military gains… Now this type of training is the best way to welcome yourself into calisthenics and even if you’re like me and don’t want to join the military it can be […]

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    The Greatest List Of Amazing Calisthenic Exercises

    The Greatest List Of Amazing Calisthenic Exercises

    I’ve decided to put together a list of the best calisthenic workout exercises because… The size you gain through calisthenics relies on what exercises you know how to do. There are no lists that really go over everything you need to know. So I’m going to be talking about the most popular exercises and some secret must-know […]

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    calisthenics grip strength

    The Greatest Dip Station You Can Get

    It doesn’t matter what training I do, from calisthenics to weight lifting, dips have always been the single greatest chest and triceps builder for me. And even though using items from around my house seemed to work for a few months once I started to want to add weight or try more advanced movements it […]

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    Amazing Weighted Vest You Must Train With

    Weighted vests add an intensity to my calisthenic workouts like no other piece of equipment. And I’ve been lucky enough to own one for the past few years. There’s a few reasons why you would want a weighted vest and here they are: You want to wear it throughout your day to day life (helps […]

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    Must Have Calisthenic Working Out Equipment

    The Must Have Calisthenic Workout Equipment

    I’m sat here drinking a pretty crazy spirulina drink that tastes a little like farts, whilst thinking about how to start this post. Calisthenics is all about training with your body weight, so why would you even think about getting equipment? Well, even though you can progress and build amazing strength, power and balance using only […]

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    Calisthenics Workout Routine

    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Calisthenics Workout Routine

    There’s a war going on ladies and gentleman… …And it’s a war between the brains of calisthenic trainers all around the world. And the roots of this war are simple: ‘Am I jeopardizing muscle and performance by not lifting heavy weights and instead following a calisthenic fitness regime?’ And the answer is HELL YES! But […]

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    greatest chin up bar

    The Best Home Pull Up Bar Station Money Can Buy

    I wanted to start calisthenics training for ages and the only thing that held me back was a pull up bar. Understand that the nearest gym to my house is 20 minutes away, there’s none of them crazy pull up bar parks you see on YouTube around my area and I rent my house, so getting […]

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