My name is Oli and I love fitness!

Really? That’s how I’m going to start this about page… How generic!

Wait a second…


That’s better.

Okay I’m going to cut the filling and get to the real meat.

I’m no professional… I’ve set up fitness blogs before this that failed… And I promise to be 100% honest.


Why Should You Listen To Me?

Okay, I just came back from a trip to china and at the time I went I’d been a VEGAN for a year.

Now before I went to china I’d been training MMA style: No weights, constant movements and intense 30 minute workouts that made me feel like I was going to turn my living room into a swimming pool with my own sweat (It was intense).

At this point just over two months ago I was in one of the best conditions of my life…

…For the first time in a while I wasn’t getting back pain, my joints felt great, my diet was AMAZING and I was building muscle and getting ripped quicker than ever before.


CHINA happened!

Dun, Dun, Duuuun.

What happened you may ask? 

Well I’d gone to just about the worst country in the world for vegan food. You’re talking a country where one of their sayings is “If it flies we eat it” (and to be honest that’s bull because they eat anything, fly or no fly).

And this is also a place where they class you as poor if you don’t have meat… So everything and I mean everything has meat added.

Now me at the time was a stubborn ass HARDCORE vegan…

…So for the whole time I was there I only eat small (child like portions) of rice with if I was lucky a small bowl of a vegetable (no joke once I ordered a plate of vegetables and they gave me a plat of just broccoli hahaha.)

Cut the small talk… I got back, had lost 2 stone and ended up spending the next three weeks till this point right now with the flu, belly problems and I chucked up for the first time in 10 years :O I know crazy stuff.


Why Does this Matter? 

Because right now I’m at my lowest point of weight and muscle mass in 5 years and I know if I can pick myself up, fix my diet, start training and get back to the point of an MMA fighter, than any of you can too.

So I’ve made this blog not only to document my journey in Calisthenics, I’ve done it to show how powerful calisthenics can be when getting yourself back stronger, quicker and more defined than ever before mwahaha.


Why Do I Love Calisthenics

In the past I’ve had years of training with heavy weight and during this time I racked up a few injuries and it made me ask the question is doing a bench press with 120kg natural? And can I maintain this level of training throughout my life?

I felt the answer was no… So I do and believe in calisthenics for these reasons:

#1. The chances of injury when performed right is much lower.

#2. The sustainability of this training throughout life is much more likely.

#3. You build all your body at the same time.

#4. After doing a good calisthenics workout I feel stronger, powerfuller and more in touch with my primal self than any weight lifting routine ever gave me

#5 You don’t need any equipment to get started.

#6. It’s real life STRENGTH meaning the movements that are performed make you noticeably stronger in your everyday life.

#7. You can build muscle mass, get lean, lose weight and increase power using calisthenics, the only thing you have to change is your diet.

I could go on all day why I love this way of training.

But this is an about…

So here’s the last few questions about myself.

How old am I: 21

What types of fighting have I practiced: Tae kwon Do, Cage fighting (MMA), About to start kickboxing.

Where do I live: Spain

Where am I from: England

Whats my diet choice: Used to be a sticked vegan, now I have a plant based diet with occasional supplements that are considered vegan.


If you have any more questions, then send me in a message.

Have an amazing day.