Bar Brothers System Review

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I’ve been thinking about buying the Bar Brothers System for months, but before I’d spend $$ on a course I wanted to know some details.

And as seductive as the opening video is I needed to know what I was getting in to…

Anyway, I went searching for reviews and all I found was these generic, dare I say ‘fake reviews’ of this products, most of them on websites called or… I think this is what you call a red flag.

So, I decided to buy the course anyway because:

  1. I love Calisthenics training.
  2.  I do love the bar brothers movement (there’s just something magical about just training with body weight and a bar. It just feels primal.
  3. I could write a real review, that’s constantly updated with before and afters and real results I’m getting (at least for the next three months).
  4. I used this link and got $50 off the course which made it even more tempting.

Proof of Purchase: 

This is the screen you get once you buy the course (I’ve added a little circle over the “email us” as a little stamp).


What Did I Want To Get From This Course? Is this Course For You

I recently came back from a month in China and spent 3 weeks being ill (it was crazy) I lost tons of weight and my muscles faded like a  balloon after a Birthday.

I really just needed a step-by-step program that would build me back up to my previous self (hopefully stronger).

And what better way than with body weight and calisthenics.

And anyone who has watched the Bar Brothers knows their training does more than just maintain!

What Do You Really Get With The Bar Brothers System?

This was the first thing I wanted to know. This next picture is what I saw as soon as I had paid and logged in:

inside bar brothers program

Basically you’re greeted with 17 videos. They include an introduction, some advice and training techniques, nutrition advice and the real meat, the weekly workout videos.


The first video is just an introduction, but then you move onto the “What you need” video and this is where I started getting excited:

  1. It’s nice to be told exactly how you should train (it’s like having a personal trainer).
  2. These guys got me pumped up. No joke after 2 videos I was ready to commit to the 90 day program.

Now the next few videos are a little advice, some tips and tricks but nothing overly special.

But, there is an awesome secret energy recipe they give you before everything gets started and after trying it, it’s bloody amazing. But I’ll leave that a surprise for people who buy the course.


The Program Got Crazy!

Must read: When I first buy courses I’m usually left a little sad straight after, a disappointed feeling… Anyone else experienced this?

Well when I bought this course the same happened.

I watched the first four videos and was left a little like “I just paid $50 for this”…

…I was left feeling like…

  • “There’s no warm up”
  • “There’s no tutorials on form and training”
  • “For a 90 day course there’s only 17 videos”

I was like a little baby.

Then This Happened…

I clicked “Week 1” and oh my GOD! there they all were, the warm up, sit ups, dips, squats, pull up tutorials and my personal favorite the test, which measures how advanced you are.

All of this followed by another 5 training videos for week 1.

The guilt feeling went away instantly and I got my gloves on and got ready to hit the gym hard…

…But before I get into the workouts I just want to say that…

…This course is by far the best calisthenics training program I’ve worked with, with some of the greatest advice and tricks calisthenic trainers need to hear..

It has everything you need to naturally gain power, strength, happiness and it allows me to push both my brain and body each day to new heights.


My Experience With Bar Brothers Training And Why I Love It (Fangirling?)

Okay I’m not a beginner, I’ve done MMA, taekwondo, heavy weightlifting and calisthenics over the past 6 years.

And something I always find with fitness courses (especially calisthenics) is they’re either super basic or crazy difficult.

And what I absolutely LOVE about this course is how suitable for both beginners and advanced users it is.

The way the workouts are built allows everyone to train with the only difference being beginners get more rest .

Either way you’ll come out of the first few weeks with a much stronger body and mind.

my body on this workout program

How I Feel After Almost 2 Months

This is the first time I’ve fully committed to a calisthenic workout program…

…I always felt if I stopped lifting weights I’d lose my muscle.

But I can honestly say I’ve never felt stronger both in the mind and body than I have during this program.

My brain gets more fearless every day and my body feels stronger and more primal than ever before.

At the end of a workout I’m sat with sweat dripping down my face, usually out of breath with a feeling of pushing myself to the limits and in these moments I’ve never felt better.

It’s made waking up in the morning a pleasure as I just can’t wait to see what the workout will be today and for the first time in my life my body is actually becoming proportioned…

…No more massive shoulders, skinny legs.

And I had no idea just how strong I could get following a calisthenics workout program…

I feel that I should of let someone else plan my workouts a long time ago and it’s hard not to wish I’d started this years ago, but at least I’ve found it now.


My Brain Changed

I love working and I’m constantly looking for new ways to make harder work more enjoyable.

Since I started this course and have been pushing my body in ways like never before I’ve felt a change.

I now find it easy to do hard jobs, I now enjoy the harder jobs and my brain feels stronger.

It seems like pushing it to the limit almost every day has made my limit both in work, gym and play move forward a massive amount.

I’d also like to say that the primal feelings I get each and every workout have made me more confident, improved my meditation and have just made me feel bloody happy with myself.

Who would have known a workout program could have done this to me.

Before And Afters

I’ve almost completed this course and will be taken my afters in a month for now. But I do have to show you the two founders of the course as their own advice got them where they are right now:

lazar novovic


And then there’s this awesome young lad who was once a Bar Brother member and here’s his transformation video:

What Equipment Do You Need?

All you need is a pull up bar and a dip station (optional as you can use tons of household items).

The best pull up bar and dip station combo that I’ve seen (and heard about) is this one and I think it’s the same one they use in the videos (pretty sure).

calisthenics equitment

Best Price In America

But as I live in Spain and these don’t ship I just got this one.

All pull up bar stations will work, but I’d avoid door bars as you’ll not be able to do the more advanced exercises like muscle ups.

But if that’s what you own right now you’ll be able to do at least the first 8 weeks of the course with no problem.


My Review Of This Course

I’ve done my best to answer all the questions I had about this course and now it’s time to give you the benefits and the cons:


  • I feel stronger than ever before after just 2 months (still finishing the last month)
  • The pain and resistance barrier inside my brain has moved dramatically making work and gym like a walk in the park.
  • My body has improved at a much quicker rate than when I did heavy weights, the only thing I could compare it with was my 8 months Cage fighting training.
  • Due to the way they’ve made this program my body has become much more in proportion, that’s just one of the great benefits of calisthenics and having a workout plan that hits all your muscles.
  • I’ve gained massive amounts of energy in my real life. I feel that calisthenic workouts give me real strength, speed and power that becomes super noticeable in my everyday life.
  • It has made me measure my progress and where stuff is measured it’s managed and if I had only taken that away from this course it would have been life changing.
  • The course has an awesome warm up
  • Bar brothers did some amazing videos on ‘form’.
  • They give you a pdf with all your workout schedules
  • I feel like a full fledge ninja


I actually hate that I’m going to say this…

There isn’t a con.

You know what I actually sat here and looked at the website, thought about my experience and tried my best to find something wrong with this course and I can’t.

I’m annoyed because I feel every reviewer does this when they enjoy a product, but I know in my heart if you’re after an amazing calisthenics workout program you will not be disappointed.

It’s as simple as that.


Should You Get This Program?

If you’re looking for a step-by-step workout system that doesn’t take any equipment apart from a pull up bar and dip station that builds muscle, strength, cardio and core all at the same time whilst pushing you to your limits giving you a complete full body workout each week,

Then you need this course. You just won’t find anything like this, especially not in the calisthenics field.

You will have to put time and dedication into your training, but you’ll get even more back.

And these guys really know what they’re doing. you just have to check out one of their videos on YouTube to see that.

Cheapest Place To Buy This Course

If you want the Bar Brothers course at the best price online with the strongest discount/coupon I could find that saves you $50 here it is: Discounted Price.

bar brother system coupon code

Bar Brothers Diet? 

I’ve tested tons of nutrition advice and during the testing of this course I created a diet plan (similar to Bar Brothers) that I’ve found works the best with this system for building muscle, getting energy and keeping your brain healthy.

Plus 50% of getting the body of your dreams comes down to diet, so if you want to eat tons of food, get healthier, leaner, stronger and have more brain power be sure to check my diet plan out.

But if you feel like keeping to the Bar brother theme they also have a course about their nutrition. Now I’m going to do a review on this diet in the future. But for now I’m happy with my diet plan.

Have A Question?

I’ve got the course right here and I’m doing it every day as we speak. So if you’ve got any questions please leave me a comment below. I’ll answer within the day.

Have an amazing day, Oli.

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