The Greatest Dip Station You Can Get

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It doesn’t matter what training I do, from calisthenics to weight lifting, dips have always been the single greatest chest and triceps builder for me.

And even though using items from around my house seemed to work for a few months once I started to want to add weight or try more advanced movements it just became to unsafe using just two chairs, so it was time to upgrade to a dip station…

…So after tons of research and many dips I’ve picked the highest-rated dip machine online, that is  the best all time dip station for home gym use.

BUT before we go any further I must say that if you’re also looking for a pull up bar, you may want to see my article on the best pull up bar which includes a pull up bar + dip station at the best price online (with this $110.55 (55%) discount link).

Anyway can we get a drum roll for the best dip bars…

The Highest-Rated Dip Station

highest rated dip station

Bam! This dip station is here because it’s one of the best you can buy.


  • Well, it can handle a serious amount of weight, meaning you can add a weighted vest and be fine no matter your size.
  • It’s sturdy so you don’t have to worry about any slipping or injuries that can be caused by using bad equipment or chairs.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Has over 300 reviews and still has an almost perfect review score.
  • And the price makes it almost half the price of a normal dip station. And you get even more off when you use this: discounted link (Save $79.50 (53%) here). 

This is all good, but…

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Why I Love Dip Stations

When I finally upgraded and moved from chairs to a dip station it amazed me how much my results improved.

I found that I’d push myself way harder knowing I was on a stable platform…

…However the real game changer is having a real grip and my wrists in the right place. Nothing can beat it. You see with chairs I always felt like I was going to ruin my wrists, either break them or end up with some nasty injury in the future…

…and as it was my ONE EXERCISE: That one exercise that we all know we’re doing with terribly bad form and that one day it could really mess up and ruin all our future gains, but we soldier on any way because our gains right now are worth the risk…

But luckily I’ve moved to equipment and I can actually dip, I’m talking sponge surface, stable bars and a nice height from the ground.

This really helps me go for it and has made me realize how amazing dips are for building chest and bicep strength when done right and HARD.

On a side note: I can also use my weighted vest while on this dip station, something I’d have never of tried to do before…

…And if you’re looking to really get that V in the triceps there’s nothing better than dips, mixed with a weighted vest. Trust me it’s incredible.

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Who Should Get This? 

If you’re into calisthenics (bodyweight training) or have a home gym and want to get your triceps, core and chest pumped, but don’t want to spend $$$ and need something that’s future proof (with it’s lifetime warranty and sturdiness) and going to allow you to avoid future injuries then dip bars are a must have investment.

Now the dip bar above is the best, not the BEST in the world, but the best all round.

I’m talking…

…Best price (for what you get).

…Best build quality.

…Best weight supported.

…Best warranty.

…Best Reviewed.

That ticks all my boxes, but for you newbies it may be worth grabbing a chair and making sure you enjoy dips before investing, just don’t jack your wrists up.

Must Have Calisthenic Working Out Equipment

What Other People say About This Dip Station

I decided to show you some reviews from other people. If you want to see them better just click the image.

review amazon dip-bar-review

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How To Double Your Gains With A Dip Station

You MUST listen, when used right this equipment is workout changing…

…So here’s a few must know tips from the best trainers online (plus a few from me).

#1. Learn to do a dip with great form (something I wish I’d have done at the start of my calisthenic days). Here’s a quick video, that you NEED to watch:

#2. Dips can give you a SUPER pumped chest, whilst also giving you that v in the triceps. But here’s how to hit your chest and then triceps on a dip bar (This video is a game changer):

#3. Add weight with a weighted vest, I’m all for belt weights, but in my experience they just jack up my form and add an element of fear to my training. So if you’re looking to add some weight, try a weighted vest, they’re easy to put on, have minimal movement, and allow me to maintain great form whilst dipping.

#4. As always you’re going to want a clean diet in order to double your gains, be sure to check out my ultra mind, body and health diet for packing on muscle and anti aging the body and brain.

#5. Whenever you’re hitting the dip machine give you shoulders a warm up, even though dips aren’t really for shoulder workouts, it will help you avoid injury if you give them a quick warm up before.

#6. The final tip is to mix dips with push ups and pull ups. MAN, if you do this right your body will look FINE. And if you really want to pack on muscle then try holds and slow movements. I talk more about this in my calisthenic article here (must read for body weight trainers).

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Exercises You Can Do On A These Dip Bars

These exercises are more advanced, more for the calisthenic people. But most can be done on this station, just make sure to have high enough ceilings and maybe a little weight support to stop the station from moving during the jump movements.

Want something more usable? Look at this full body workout done with just dip bars:

Cheapest Place To Buy This Dip Machine


We’ve made it to the end of this crazy dipping journey and I’d like to leave you with something awesome. So here’s a discount link for the dip machine, so you can get it with $79.50 (53%) off. Just use this discount link.

It’s pretty awesome and great if you’re a little hard on cash.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you need any help or have any questions about these bars leave a comment below. Have an awesome day. Oli.