The Most Amazing Grip Strengtheners Money Can Buy

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When I first started calisthenics (bodyweight training) and I hit that pull up bar the biggest problem I had wasn’t not having the strength, the biggest problem I had was that my grip would give out after 5 reps and then become decreasingly bad as the training session would go on.

And this wasn’t just in bodyweight training, I also noticed this in weight lifting, when my grip would get tired, that was always when my form would mess up.

Now at the time I just assumed that with time my grip would grow stronger, but guess what? After a few months my grip still hadn’t really improved a great deal…

…That’s when I got a grip strengthener and after a week I was a amazed at the strength I’d gained during my workout.

It made me want to get all my friends on these grip strengtheners just so they could see how important strong finger muscles are in fitness sessions and everyday life.

So not only did this solve my weak grip/wrist issue, it also gave me a few other benefits… Let me explain…

…Why All Calisthenic (Bodyweight) Trainers Need Grip Strengtheners

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Whether you’re into bodyweight training or do weight lifting you’ll never know just how important your grip is until you start toughening it up and all these benefits start happening:

  • Your ‘handshakes’ become legendary.
  • You become much better at martial arts (at least Jujitsu and mma).
  • They will improve your endurance a crazy amount… Especially during circuit training and while lifting dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells.
  • Most importantly I grew forearm strength unlike anything I’ve done before.

These are just some of the useful things I gained and so many others have from using grip strengtheners, it’s crazy to me how all beginners aren’t given them before they get into heavy weight lifting.

Side note: I play piano and ukulele (at least try) and these have dramatically helped my finger strength grow to the point where I know longer get pain when playing for over an hour.

Side, side note: These are also magical for getting over a hand or wrist injury.

My Favorite Grip Strengtheners Of All Time

the highest rated hand grip strengtheners

Best Place To Buy Online

I’ve had a few hand grip strengtheners from ones that are metal, to adjustable ones and even the awesome little balls you squish.

And from the handful I’ve tried this little kit has shined 10x higher…

Now I could spend 10 minutes articulating why these hand grips are beautiful like a weird sales person… And that would be awkward to write as I’m not trying to sell anything just help you avoid the bad decisions I made, with rubbish hand grips.

So instead of going on and on, here’s the reasons why I love these grips and why I use them…

…First, they’re the highest-rated grip strengtheners online with almost 2000 reviews and still an almost perfect 5 star rating.

…Second, they’re cheap as chips. I work with the company so I got myself and you $17.97 (64%) off the price when you use this discount link (no BS just click the link and get a discount).  That makes these hand grips $9.98 and they ship around the world (shipping is a great price too and almost free for Americans).

…Third, they work. So many hand grips feel cheap, break or you out grow them in 2 days. With these hand grips you can adjust the weight from 22-88 Lbs which means anyone can use them at the start and they allow you to work your way up to killer grip.

…Forth, the balls. Haha. No, but seriously the little  balls are great for traveling, you can take them anywhere and all you have to do is squeeze them and it will grow your hand strength. Plus it’s a different type of feeling to using the hand grips all the time and you get two of these balls.

…Fifth, They’re the most diverse. Say what? Basically these grips are built to work with adults, teens, men and women and even young teens, making it really easy for me to recommend to friends as it’s a one size fits all.

…Sixth, Warranty! They come with a 5 year warranty which is the highest I’ve seen for an adjustable grip.

I think that wraps it up without being to articulate? Am I right?

Anyway lets move on and I’ll tell you how I use the best grip strengtheners for max results…

How To Use Them For Maximum Results


You train your hands just like any other muscle in your body… But since using grips I’ve found there’s a few ways secret ways to build strength and endurance at the same time…

High to Light Weight

On Monday I do 5 sets of 8 high weight, and then on Wednesday I do 10 sets of of 30 low weight and of Friday I do a mix of both.

10 – 30 seconds in between.

This has allowed me to build strength quickly using the high weight and endurance using the low weight. It’s what I’d recommend for everyone looking to build strength.

I also use the squidgy balls when I’m out and about for a little ‘off the cuff’ training.

I also do one set reps, this is where you put it on the highest weight you can do and you just do one rep and then rest for a minute and repeat as many times as you can.

Use Just The Hands

You want to be strict with your form and use only your hands on each movement and avoid using the body or twisting the wrist. If you can’t do this then just lower the weight till you can.

Warm Your Hands Up

Give your hands a warm up with some wrist movements, some light hand grips and some clenching of your firsts.

Don’t Rush!

Man it’s tempting to go straight in with the 80lbs but just like any exercises if you over do it and lift to much you can do damage. So be sure to start slow, build your way up and don’t do what most people do (including myself) and just keep trying to hit the max weight, this does more damage than good at the start.

Use Them Outside Of Training

A big mistake I did was using grips before a workout, this is a big no, as it will weaken your grip making the workout even harder.

So either use the grips after your workout, or while you’re watching TV, listening to music or doing another activity that just involves sitting around.

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4 Other Reasons Why Grip Strength Is Awesome

Handshakes: If you work your way up with a hand grip you will get a strong handshake which is rule number one of the man code.

Martial Arts: If you do any types of martial arts, hand strength is key and just using a grip will push you far beyond your previous best.

Gymnastics: Using bars, rings and various things that you have to hold can put a serious strain on your hands and just by building up your grip you’ll have a much easier time performing things you use to find hard.

Injury: Whether you want to stop an injury or repair from one, these are a great way to do it. They can build your hands up so the chances of injury are non existent or they can slowly build your hand back up to a stronger version.

Either way people have been using these to stop and to repair injuries for a long time now.

Cheapest Place I’ve Found These Grips

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Just to make sure you saw it, you can get $17 bucks off the price of these grips when you use this discount link. You also get worldwide shipping at a brilliant price and not to forget almost free shipping around america.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about these grips please leave them below. Also check out the other equipment I use to maximize my calisthenic workout. Have a wonderful day. Oli.