The Best Home Pull Up Bar Station Money Can Buy

greatest chin up bar

I wanted to start calisthenics training for ages and the only thing that held me back was a pull up bar.

Understand that the nearest gym to my house is 20 minutes away, there’s none of them crazy pull up bar parks you see on YouTube around my area and I rent my house, so getting one of them cheap wall hanging pull up bars that involve drilling 4 massive holes in the wall is a big no no.

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you, where you put off an amazing fitness opportunity to not owning any equipment.

Why Didn’t I Just Buy A Pull Up Bar? 

Well they’re damn expensive! I was looking to pay almost $250 where I live for a simple pull up station with no dip bars :O.

And I can’t do that… Ohhhh, no can do.

So I spent days researching and in the end I bought a pull up bar…

…But that was before I started one of the best calisthenic workout programs and saw that they used a bar that cost half of what mine did…

…This caused me to do some research inside the bar movement communities and I found THE BEST pull up station (with dip bars) at the greatest price online

Drum Roll anyone?

The Greatest Pull Up Station

Greatest Pull Up bar Station

With over 900 reviews, and an almost perfect 5 stars out of 5 star rating and on average less than half the price of other pull up bar stations, this right here is a GEM.

Plus, I’ve got a discount link that gives you over $110 off the price making it one of the cheapest pull up stations EVER: Discount Link.

I’ve never seen a piece of exercise equipment rated so highly with so much amazing feedback.

It comes in a very small package, is full sized and doesn’t just fulfil your needs with pull ups and dips it also allows you to do explosive sit ups, pushups and vertical knee raises.

The Stamina 1690 Power Tower will allow you to do a complete full body workout from your own home.

And after training with the Bar Brother program I can tell you that using a device like this will give you explosive feels, quicker acting muscles, improve your energy, balance and core and allow you to avoid out of proportion body parts.


The Reasons To Buy A Stamina 1690 Power Tower

There’s tons of reasons to get a pull up/chin up tower (with dip bars) but here’s some reasons to get this exact tower.

  • You can give yourself a full body workout at home with a single piece of equipment.
  • It can support up to 250 pounds of weight.
  • You can do dips, pull ups, wide armed pull ups, chin ups, muscle ups, push ups, sit ups and vertical knee raises.
  • Works on a carpet surface
  • It has almost 1000 5 star reviews on Amazon (Which makes it not only one of the cheapest pull up stations but also the highest rated on the whole of Amazon).
  • It comes with a fantastic warranty.
  • Comes with Free-Shipping.
  • Far outweighs the risk and damages of a doorway chin up bar. we’ve all seen the accidents that happen with them and the fact that they mess up door frames.


What Other People Are Saying

I took some screenshots of some of the most informative reviews I could find. So you could see what others are saying (Click to see).

product review review of this pull up bar

What It Looks Like In Action

Here’s a few videos I found of people using their Stamina 1690 Power Tower, this really helped me get an idea of how bad-ass this tower was. You can clearly see all the different types of training you can do and the different types of body types who use this piece of equipment:

What Exercise You Can Do

I’ve already mentioned this about but with this power tower you can do:

  • Dips
  • Pull ups (close and far grip)
  • Muscle ups (Really important for future development)
  • Chin ups
  • Pushups
  • Sit Ups
  • Vertical knee raises
  • Vertical leg raises

Plus there’s tons of different styles inside each of these exercises you can do.

girl doing calisthenics

Body Weight Vs Heavy Weight Training

I’ve trained with heavy weight for a few years and I’ve also trained just using my body weight.

And I have to say the two strongest points in my life have both been when I limited the weight lifting and just used my body weight.

The first being when I did MMA for 8 months. Using just my body I became far superior in strength than the previous years I’d lifted weights.

And the other was recently when I started using pull ups and dips and followed the Bar Brothers program and created this review.

In my experiences using callisthenics to train the body is more natural and…

…It makes me feel more primal.

…It gives me more energy.

… It lowers the risk of injury

…It Is far more sustainable through life. I know plenty of 60 + year olds who look incredible who still do pull ups, push ups and dips… As the weight lifters I know at that age either got injured and don’t train any more or have just started fitness for the first time in their life.

…If done right you can lose weight, get leaner and gain fast strength, power and balance much quicker than with weight lifting alone.

….Finally, you can use your body everywhere you go. Meaning there’s no excuses to miss a workout when the pull up bar is right there. And once you’ve started training with your body weight, you can even train while you’re travelling.

And if you’re worried about how pumped you can get with calisthenic just look at these guys from YouTube who train only with their bodies and bars. It truly is unbelievable what you can achieve with dedication and your own body weight:

This transformation is awesome. For his age and the strength he gained it is immense.

Out of all of these three this is probably my favorite year transformation. After he got the strength in the first 6 months he spent the time improving his balance and skills to be able to do some absolutely awesome stuff with a bar and dip station.

Getting The Most Out Your Pull Up Bar

We all want big muscles and whether you’re getting this pull up bar or not here’s some tips for getting the absolute most out of your pull up training.

  • Get a bulletproof diet that helps you gain muscle, have a stronger brain and be energetic. The best diet plan I’ve ever used is here.
  • Treat yourself to a workout program that uses only a pull up bar. The Bar Brothers course (here at a $60 discount) will teach you all the training exercises you can do and how to do them correctly. Plus they’ll give you a daily workout plan for your full body that after 12 weeks will have you absolutely pumped. Here’s my results with it.
  • Get some callisthenics (body weight training) idols to look up to. I recommend Bar Brothers or this fantastic lad.
  • If you don’t want to buy a program you can watch this amazing home workout to get started:

  • Make sure you warm up for at least 10 minutes before any work out. This stops injuries and helps you build better muscles (the Bar Bro’s course covers warm ups).


We did it… We found the best pull up bar tower online and if I do say so myself at an absolute bargain of a price.

If you have an questions about this pull up bar or need some help in the gym or training using calisthenic then please leave a comment below or contact me. Have an awesome day!