My Favorite Kettlebell Weight Of All Time

Working Out With Kettlebell Weights

I’ve long been searching for the greatest equipment to feature on my blog and in my calisthenic fitness routines.

And I don’t personally enjoy using equipment at all so I only talk and share the stuff I know is worth having.

Why I don’t use weights: I did for a few years and I feel that the training, the form, the machanicle movements all got a bit much. So I chose to go for a more primal form of training and use the bar, my body and a few little side pieces like a kettle bell to build muscle and I haven’t ever looked back.

Sowhy the hell am I talking about kettle bells… Let me tell you.

Why You Must Get A Kettle Weight

Building Strength With Hand Strengtheners

I’ve trained with Kettle bell weights for the past few years on and off and I have to say they’re one of the most diverse bits of equipment I use.

I mean one good kettle weight can be used for houndreds of exerses and has been a life saver when it comes to fine tuning my body… From my back to my legs and even my biceps, these things build gainzz!!

But why would I get one if I was you? 

Here’s just some of the reasons…

…They help lose weight while building muscle

…You will have a quicker time building exploisive muscle

…Use one for a week and you’ll start noticing your strength inprove in your everyday life.

…They give you an awesome butt.

…They also build shoulders, back, abs, legs and arms… What more could you want.

…They take indurance and that’s why they’re the perfect thing to add to a calisthenic workout because you’ll build muscle, stamina all while you’re losing weight and getting your cardio in.

All of this and you can pack it away in any draw or cubord after your done… Now that’s effective.

But can I get a drum roll please… Why?

Because it is time to show you which Kettle Bell is my and all my training friends best investment… Are you ready?

The Best KettleBell Weight You Can Get Online

Greatest Kettlebell weight

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I could explain in detail why we love this kettle bell weight but that would be weird as it’s a weight just like most the solid weights out there.

But truely the reason we love this particular one comes down to the price, the weight variety, the shipping and the solidness (no flimssy plastic around the outside or weird die that messes up your skin).

The price: I’ve not found a kettle bell weight online that’s cheaper than this without it being covered in weird plastic and poorly made with $$ shipping prices.

This in the other hand is amazingly well made, comes with 10lbs to 80lbs and if you use this discount link you can save $42.11 (54%) straight off the price making it $35 for a 40lbs kettle bell (and cheaper for lighter weight).

Shipping: It ships around america for near to no cost, which is a life saver as weighted equipment ussually costs an arm and a leg in shipping and most fitness retailers either don’t supply kettle bells or charge a small fortune for them.

Build Quality: Just go and look at the 1900 + reviews with the 5 star rating. Yes this is the most highly rated kettle weight online, pretty high achievement.

Why It Should Be The Only Weight You Use In Calisthenics

my kettlebell weight

If you’re into body weight training too there’s a great reason why this should be in your fitness routine.

  1. All of the stuff I said above.
  2. It fitns with body weight exercises exremely well as it keeps your body moving, heart-rate up and your muscles resisting.
  3. The chances of ingury are extremely low wehn used with commen sence, which is the main reason a lot of people train with their bodies in the first place.

Anyway there’s lots of reasons but I have a quick story.

I recently went over to china for a few weeks and explored most of the major cities and towns I could.

We did Bejign, Shanghia, Xain, Gulin, hangzhou, guangzhou and a few other places.

And while I was in a small town I got invited to an old village house. After being shown around and seeing a pretty different living style I got shown the training equipment.

Now the chinese and monks used loads of calisthenics to train themselves, just look at the Shaloin Monks who’ve masterd the art of calisthenics long before anyone else (read about it in this thousands years of calisthenics article).

So mixed with all the other calsithenics equipment was the main training tool and it was a kettle bell and after seeing this I saw them anywhere people would be doing intense fitness.

This was due to thevast amount of movement training you can do with this piece of equipment.

A little offtopic but it’s cool knowing that calisthenic founders use kettle bell weights.

What exercise You Can Do With A KettleBell Weight

There’s an array of exercises you can do with this weight, but I’m going to show you a video with the most beneficial exercises you can do with a kettlebell (these are the must-know exercises):

and if that wasn’t enough and you’re screaming for more here’s a full list of 20 killer exercises for you:

Also I’ve got an extra treat, here’s an amazing workout routine using just this weight, it really will get your body pumping:

PS: You can also grab two kettle weights and use them as push up bars (great way to save some cash and have less clutter).

What Size Should You Get?

Finally what size should you get? Well it all comes down to how strong you are. In my experiences I lift more than I expect with kettlebells so I’d probably say that most women could do around 25lbs and most men would be great with a 30lbs for quick training for a 40lbs for a lower rep range.

But it all comes down to you and the training that you do. Plus your body shape, genetics and how much strenght training you’ve done before.

And I found this video that might help you out a little more:

Tips And Tricks For Maximizing Your Results

Here’s a few extra tips for getting the most out of a kettlebell:

Use it in a circuit: These are made for intensifying circuit training, add this with my military claisthic challenge and my lorde will you be pumped up.

Calory intake: These things burn calories quick, so if you’re skinny make sure you’re eating enough food and if you’re trying to lose weight, make sure you’re eating enough protien so you lose weight while building an awesome body. You can checkout my full dieting artile that’ll teach you how to eat foods that power your brain, health and body for success.

Perfect your swing: It doesn’t take long and is really recommended to have good form with this bad boy, so check out a few videos and look at this article and learn how to nail that swing for an explosive rep everytime.

Drink that water: Be sure that you’re getting enough water while you train as so many of us miss this when doing a high intensity workout.

Perfect butt: Hell I’m a guy and I want a nice butt and mixing swings, with squats and lounges will give you (or your partner) the butt dreams are made of… Does that even work?

I think it’s about time I tied this up. Now I’ll be adding more to this article over the next few months as I fall deeper in love with kettlebell fitness workouts, but if you have any questions about this amazing bit of kit just leave them in the comments. I hope you have a wonderful day. Oli.