Amazing Weighted Vest You Must Train With

Weighted vests add an intensity to my calisthenic workouts like no other piece of equipment.

And I’ve been lucky enough to own one for the past few years.

There’s a few reasons why you would want a weighted vest and here they are:

  • You want to wear it throughout your day to day life (helps burn calories and makes you stronger).
  • You want to wear it during your gym session to increase strength and endurance and build muscle without extending your gym session time.
  • You want to add it to your running, skipping or cycling routine.

Now the highest-rated and best weighted vest I could find is mainly for the first two points (and cycling), but for you runners I’ve got another special vest down below that’ll stop bouncing issues and hopefully avoid any injuries that can be caused due to weighted vests and running.

The Highest-Rated Vest

Greatest weighted vest

Dun, Dun, Duuuunn!!!

The vest is here for a few reasons:

  • The best price (half the price of others in it’s category). Get it at the best price using this link: Discount link.
  • The best amount of weight.
  • The highest rated.
  • The fit (that allows movements without slipping and tension)
  • And it’s easy to get on and off.

Let’s dive a little deeper into it…

…This weighted vest comes at half the price of others in it’s category and bares no difference, if anything it’s even better built than some $170 vests.

It’s easy to take on and off which matters when you’re using it for only a handful of certain exercises like pull ups, dips, etc.

And it’s also a factor after the workout when you’re knackered and need to get it off quickly, using as little energy as possible.

The other biggest pro is that it comes with adjustable weight of 40 pounds. This is so important for people looking to build their muscles up or to use the vest for cardio exercises.

You see no-one should go from no weight, to 40 pounds, instead build yourself up.

Let’s be honest here’s the boring stuff, let me explain how I use a weighted vest

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How I Use A Training Vest

I have a limited amount of time to workout each day (at-least I try to limit it otherwise it becomes my life), so I try to make each workout as beneficial and intense as possible.

That’s where this vest comes in… All I do is wear it during my workout days (saving the activities I couldn’t do with the vest till the end of my workout). I started at just 10 minutes each workout session and my god did my shoulders, legs and back get a workout.

After just 10 minutes my body was shaking and the BURN was real.

I’m talking it’s the most intense BURN I’ve felt in years.

Anywho, I built up the time each week till I eventually got it in as much of the workout as possible.

At this point I felt a massive increase in my performance (at the time I was doing MMA 3 times a week so I really noticed my speed, tackles and punches become a lot more effective, I also felt my balance increase due to this toughening up my core).

Like any good weight trainer I decided to convert some of my training to calisthenics and use this on pull-ups, dips, squats and push ups.

If you’re looking to build huge triceps, all you need to do is do push ups and dips using this vest… Build up the weight and go hard and the results will pour in.

Looking back this was the strongest I’d ever felt, I was lean due to the extra calories I was burning each session from the vest, I was much stronger and my balance and punching ability improved dramatically.

Plus when I trained without it I felt lighter and more explosive.

Now let me explain what I learned and give you some tips for using this Kick-butt vest!

Training advice

The Best Advice For Using A Weighted Vest

  • Start as a beginner to avoid injury. Start with lower weight, and use it during your training sessions for just 10 minutes, then each week add 5 minutes to the time you use it, plus a few pounds.
  • Once you’ve completed the above for a few weeks alternate using the vest. If you train 4 times a week, use it on two of them days, if you workout 3 times a week use it on 2. (This helps make sessions without it more explosive and easier to excel, whilst still getting all the benefits from the vest.
  • Use it during cycling sessions (or spinning classes for intense workouts), but I’d recommend NOT using this for RUNNING. The weights are too heavy and these big vests can be bad news for runners. I am not saying it’s a bad idea as tons of people use them to run, I’d just recommend using the weighted vests DOWN BELLOW for running instead.
  • If you do use this vest when running make it short distance, start with low weight and get yourself some proper running shoes.
  • You can also wear it throughout your day-to-day life, but don’t fall into the trap of wearing it 24/7, these things kick the crap out of your posture and can do damage to your spin if worn all day every day, so instead do interval training, wear it for 30 minutes twice per day every other day, or 10 minutes, 10 times per day. Just make sure you rest between sets and between training days.
  • If you practice calisthenics (bodyweight training) these vests are a must have, they’re in my list of tools every trainer should have and will definitely be a great way to improve your strength. Again try using them in 50% of your training sessions, so you can really see how strong you get in the other 50%.
  • If you’re like me and find it easy to lose weight be sure to eat more calories, as these vests definitely eat through calories. I’ve got an amazing diet plan that helps build brain strength, muscle and health.

Another type of Weighted Vest

I know a lot of you people are like me and enjoy running and after doing some tests I can tell you that these two types of weights are far better for running, skipping, everyday use, etc.

every day weights

Seriously this is by far the safest and easiest way to train during running, kick-boxing, boxing, etc. It doesn’t over load the body and more importantly it stays in place and isn’t going to be overally visible (perfect for people who want to wear it in their day to day lives).

It also comes with a useful pocket for phone/mp3 which is helpful for training.

You can save $10 off the price using this link: Discount link.

running weights

Probably the most underrated but AMAZING pieces of weight training equipment are these bad-boys.

You can use them on your feet and hands and they’re perfect for running, shadow boxing, skipping and everything that involves movement.

Lots of people even use them for ABS workouts and during calisthenics (perfect for increasing core strength).

You can even just wear them for the day as they’re really casual looking, plus they’re much easier to wear during a workout.

You can save using this link: Discount link.


I’d always get the main vest if I had to choose because it’s so much better overall.

You’ll just get a lot more use out of it. But if you’re looking for weights for a more specific reason the ones at the end are likely for you.

Basically if you’re looking to put on muscle and strength, increase training intensity and gain speed, go for the main weighted vest.

If you want a vest for running or everyday use in your day-to-day life be sure to get one of the last two.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, if you’ve got any questions leave them below. Have a super day.

Oli :).